10 January, 2019

You don't need 'routine' wheel alignment checks - save your money

So many websites and car maintenance blogs advise you to have your vehicles wheel alignment checked regularly, but why and do you really need to do it?


When car owners check their tyres and see either abnormal or uneven tyre wear, they assume the problem will be solved by taking their car in for alignment. Some garages will also advise an alignment service, but the really good garages will dig a little deeper.


You see there are only three reasons why your wheels need realigning.


Something has been damaged

Something has been changed

Something is worn or in simple terms its been broken through use


Lets take a look at each of these individually


Something has been damaged

Throughout the course of owning and driving a vehicle we all mount the kerb, hit pot holes or even worse we have a crash. During these, sometimes we damage parts on the car. The damage may not immediately be visible, but with time you may notice the uneven or abnormal tyre wear. Although not obvious, this is a sign something is broken and needs checking.


Something has been changed

Whenever you change certain parts on your vehicle, manufacturers recommend you have your wheels realigned. The parts in particular revolve around your steering and suspension.


Something is worn

Everything has a useable life and if you keep using it, eventually it will break. If you have certain parts changed, particularly parts of your steering and suspension, you may need your wheels realigning.


As you can see, wheels don’t just fall out of alignment, they become misaligned because of something we do or something that happens to our car and when it happens, there are signs.


You’ll also notice that we do not make any mention of having your alignment checked or having your wheels realigned without cause. This is because neither need to happen and if you ask a garage to do this without any reason, you’re wasting money.