06 June, 2019

Why we show you the cheapest tyre first

Why do we show the cheapest tyre first?


This is a question we’re asked on a fairly regular basis. And there are a number of reasons why we do this.


You can judge the price of other tyres

Tyre prices change regularly, sometimes by the day but sometimes by the hour. We understand that you don’t spend every waking hour comparing tyre prices like we do. Because of that we think if you can see the price of the cheapest tyre, then you’ll be able to better judge whether you’re getting a good deal.


Some price comparison websites promote products that only benefit their bottom line

Our mission is simple, same tyres for the best possible price. We want you to know that when you see tyres on our website, they’re the best deals we can find from the partners we’re working with and not just showing the tyres that benefit our bottom line. Whilst we may sometimes benefit if you purchase tyres from the retailers we’ve listed, we think you’re more likely to recommend us to friends and family as well as return next time if we got you a great deal. We’ll do this by finding the cheapest tyres, showing you all the deals not just the ones where we benefit and we assist you in every way possible.