11 June, 2019

Which electric cars have the best range?

Are you considering electric for your next car?


Which car do you choose? Is electric any good? Should you choose an electric vehicle or stick with petrol or diesel?


One of the aspects of electric vehicle ownership you’ll need to consider is range, how far the vehicle can go on one charge.


Thankfully the helpful people at AutoCar.co.uk have helped you out. They’ve put together a list of vehicles with the best ranges, in the real world, not in a lab somewhere under perfect conditions.


So how did they fare?


The top car was the Hyundai Kona electric vehicle with a range of 259 miles.


The worst vehicle was the Nissan Leaf with only 128 miles.


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Link : https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/advice/electric-cars-best-real-world-range