08 November, 2018

Use Screenwash.....not just water

Our Winter Campaign continues and today we’re looking at one of the more obvious things drivers should do, that they invariably don’t and its using screen wash, not just water.

Using water during the warmer months is absolutely fine, because it’s not going to freeze, but in the colder months it’s more likely the screen wash will freeze in the bottle and pipes.

This is more problematic in winter because generally, the windscreen will contain more road grit and dirt from the salt spreading, so you need to make sure that you can properly clear your windscreen.

Screen wash isn’t expensive, somewhere in the region of £3 / £4 from EuroCarParts and it’s easy to top up as you just put the screen wash in the water bottle normally found in the engine bay.

So today’s top tip is simple, use screen wash.

When you’re looking for screen wash, make sure you find one that accommodates the temperatures you are likely to face. In more rural areas, you’ll need a screen wash with a lower temperature because it will be colder where you are.

You can tell what temperature a screen wash is designed for by simply looking at the bottle.