04 October, 2018

Tyre Rotation.....best to the back?

Tyre rotation is simply taking the wheels off the front and placing them on the rear and then placing the tyres on the rear to the front.


Rotating tyres isn’t always the best thing to do to extend the life of your tyres, generally because you’ll be placing tyres with less tread on the back and tyres with more tread on the front. This can really affect your cars handling, because in certain driving conditions such as cornering your car will have an increased tendency to oversteer, meaning the back of your car swings out, and for the average driver, oversteer is largely uncontrollable. If you place your good tyres to the rear, under the same driving conditions your car will understeer which is much easier to control.


Want to know more about understeer and oversteer? Have a look at this video from CarThrottle at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwmDdMzzDjY

Remember, always put your best tyres to the rear