11 July, 2019

Tips for checking your tyres are safe

How to check your tyres to make sure they're safe....


We know that anything is easy when you know how, but when you don't know it can seem incredibly difficult. Here we have put together some tips for checking your tyres to make sure they are safe to use and legal.

1. Check the tread

You tyres need to have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm to be legal, but the majority of tyre manufacturers recommend you have at least 3mm. You need to have this tread across the centre three quarters of the tread, in other words the bit in contact with the road. If your tyres are starting to go bald on the outer edges, it doesn't automatically mean that your tyres are illegal, but we would always recommend changing your tyres when this happens.

2. Check for cuts

Your tyres should not have any cuts, especially if any of those cuts go down to metal (i.e. you can see some shiny metal inside the tyre). If you can see metal in your tyre, you're more than likely looking at the cord, so you'll need to change your tyres immediately.


3. Check for bulges

Bulges occur for a number of reasons, but the main causes are that they tyres have been kerbed. This can create cuts on the inside of the tyre which allows air to escape from inside the tyre to the outer surface which in turns creates the bulge you see. This shows that your tyre is severely weakened already and needs to be changed immediately.


4. Check tyre pressures

Most people do not check their tyre pressures often enough which can have devastating consequences for the health of your tyres and sometimes your own personal health. Check the owners manual or a website such as Kwik Fit to find your tyre pressures. Remember the only thing keeping your tyres on the wheel rims is the tyre pressure, so if the pressure is low theres an increased chance of the tyres falling off the rim. Plus, if you keep the tyre pressures are the correct level, your tyres will wear as they should rather than wearing abnormally.

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5. Check for abnormal tyre wear

Abnormal tyre wear is any wear that is caused by something other than driving on the road. The above image shows you what kind of damage to expect from your tyre and what causes it. If you spot this damage to your tyre, make sure you fix the fault causing the damage rather than simply replacing the tyres. If you simply replace the tyres, you'll be throwing good money down the drain because the fault that caused the initial tyre damage will occur again on your new tyres.