08 February, 2020

Thinking of buying an electric car? Read this first

Government plans to bring forward a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 to 2035, and outlaw hybrids too, has sparked a surge in online searches for electric cars by UK drivers.

According to AutoTrader, searches for EVs on the day of the government’s announcement grew by 162 per cent. Searches for hybrid vehicles also jumped upwards, despite these now being included on the government’s blacklist – a change described by the UK motor industry as an “extremely concerning” move of the goalposts.

Panic-browsers will have at least been greeted by a large range of plug-in vehicles to choose from, with AutoTrader listing 2,295 electric cars for sale as of February 6, priced from under £4,000 for a seven-year-old Renault Twizzy (range: 62 miles, on a good day), to over £130,000 for a Porsche Taycan.

Those wishing to buy a brand new electric car will have to find £25,000 for a Mini Electric or Renault Zoe, as a category of car once considered out of reach for the many is slowly becoming affordable.

But buying an electric car in the UK in 2020 is far more complex than stumping up the cash and plugging it in. Range, charging, tax breaks, location, your driving habits and even the weather all come into play. And with the proposed 2035 ban looming, it's time to help make sense of it all. Should you buy an electric car in 2020? Environmentally, 100 per cent yes. But, if other concerns are important, it becomes complicated.

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