23 January, 2020

The future of car technology

We look at the future car technology that you can expect to see in cars in the future

Car technology is moving faster than it ever has, with firms continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Currently, motoring is one of the key future car tech battlegrounds, with drivers expecting and demanding more and more on both old and new vehicles.

Sony’s decision to build its own car for the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlighted just how big a role car technology is going to play in the next decade.

While the Sony Vision-S itself is simply a test bed and a promotional tool, CES showcased how differing techs have made greater progress than expected – while some have been knocked back. Here’s our guide to the latest state of progress on key features.

1. Dashboards without a single button

2. Virtual Visor

3. Solid State Batteries

4. 'Targeted' climate control systems

5. Self Driving Cars

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