20 October, 2019

Should autonomous vehicles be tested on UK roads?

Hitachi and Nissan, two industry giants, have spent over 30 months working collaboratively together, resulting in the first test of it's kind in the UK.

Grand Drive, as it's called, is believed to be the most complex autonomously controlled journey ever attempted in the UK. A specially adapted Nissan Leaf will drive some 230 miles along a dedicated route which takes in roundabouts, motorways, A roads and more in live traffic will test the autonomous systems.

Grand Drive is part of a larger project called HumanDrive, which looks to replicate the human vehicle handling characteristics through a process of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But is this safe?

Well, actually yes. They're not quite ready to release their latest incarnation of driverless vehicles out on their own yet, so the Nissan Leaf will have an onboard driver able to take emergency evasive action if required.

Furthermore, once the vehicle has driven the route, a human driver will also the drive the same route, which will allow engineers to compare the driving styles of both.

Are you interesting in learning more about the project? Why not visit the HumanDrive website at https://humandrive.co.uk/grand-drive/

Are you in favour of autonomous vehicles? Do you they will be the future?

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