27 September, 2018

Save fuel, money and make the world a greener place - here's our top tip

We all want to save money, we all want to use less diesel or petrol in our vehicles and if we can help it, we would like to be a little bit greener.

CompareNewTyres.com has one top tip to help you tick all those boxes. Our simple tip is this, when you take your foot off the accelerator and the car is still moving, leave it in gear.

We use our cars every single day, but do we really understand all the systems and money saving wizardry that our cars pack? The honest answer is no. 

Whether you realise it or not, the fuel that is delivered to your engine is controlled by an onboard computer located somewhere on your vehicle and that computer decides when to deliver fuel and for how long. Now you would assume that when your engine is on, it's using fuel, but with modern cars that's not always the case.

How often have you driven down the road, taken your foot off the accelerator and looked at your display to see your instant fuel consumption jump to 99.9 miles? Why does it do that? The simple answer is because at that point your car isn't using any fuel. But hang on a second, the engine is running?

The reason this happens is because when you take your foot off the accelerator, that signals to your cars onboard computer that you don't want any more speed or power. The computer realises that your car is still moving and senses an opportunity to save you money (or rather use less fuel). When your car is in gear, your engine is still connected to the road wheels, which means that if the road wheels spin which they do as your car rolls down the road, your engine will still effectively be running, but your engine is incredibly smart. It realises that it doesn't need any fuel to keep the engine running, because the power needed to do that is supplied by the road wheels and so the computer stops supplying fuel to the engine.

As soon as you put your foot back on the accelerator, your car realises that it needs to generate more power and so it starts to feed fuel to the engine again. But this only happens if your car is in gear.

So the next time you're driving and fancy saving yourself some money, fuel and want to contribute to a cleaner environment, simply take your foot off the accelerator, leave your car in gear and let the road wheels do the work.