28 August, 2018

Part worn tyres - A bargain or a death sentence?


Part worn tyres can seem like a cheap way to get road legal tyres on your car.

But are they legal?

The video above is really poignant in that it shows you how dangerous some part worn tyres can be.

CompareNewTyres.com will always recommend that you purchase new, for no other reason than you know the history of the tyre and you know its not been involved in a serious collision, it's not been damaged and it's 100% safe to use on the road.

That said, we're not naïve. We know that car owners across the country will choose to use part worn tyres and our advice is simple.

1. Make sure you check the tyre thoroughly before it goes on your car. You're looking for nails, holes, puncture repairs or any signs of damage.

2. Once the tyre is on your vehicle and inflated, make sure you check it again. Some damage, such as bulges in the tyre wall, will only show once inflated. Make sure you check the outside and the hidden bit on the inside of the wheel arch.

3. Get to know the tyre fitter. Ultimately this will be your best bet to finding safe tyres because they'll be able to answer what checks they do, how those checks are documented.

4. If at any point your gut instinct says "Don't buy it" then follow your gut. You might save £20/£30 a tyre, but what's your life and the lives of your passengers worth?