04 February, 2019

New Nissan X-Trail will be made in Japan, not Sunderland

The car manufacturer, Nissan, has confirmed that it's new X-Trail will be produced in Japan and not Sunderland.

This was confirmed in a letter to staff, despite stating in 2016 that the vehicle would be made at their Sunderland site.

The Sunderland site has been producing Nissan's since 1986 and employs some 7,000 people.

Full story from Nissan News : https://europe.nissannews.com/en-GB/releases/release-1201e71630ed0a021ded0d248c00310b-update-to-production-plan-for-next-generation-x-trail

Image source : https://wieck-nissanao-production.s3.amazonaws.com/photos/52c8d87a9cd4e1b1ddf81294bbecfe9c720b2dfc/preview-928x522.jpg