10 December, 2018

MOT failures are costly, but a lot are preventable

New research from the Good Garage Scheme has suggested that the average cost of repair for a car that fails its MOT is over £300, but many of the reasons for failure are down to a lack of basic car maintenance.


For instance ten percent of failures were caused by defective tyres and just over eight percent were due to the drivers view being impeded by the failure of wipers, washers, mirrors and views.


The research further suggested that many motorists feel incapable of undertaking basic maintenance tasks such as checking and topping up oil, checking and topping up antifreeze, checking tyre pressures, inflating tyres or even changing to a spare wheel.


Although many motorists are unable to complete these most basic maintenance tasks, it is well within the ability of most car owners if they checked their owners manual, purchased a Haynes manual or even simpler still, have a look on YouTube.