21 November, 2018

Is your car battery ready for winter?

As the temperature drops and the cold weather sets in, your car needs an extra bit of TLC and one of the areas in particular is your battery. With the colder weather, your battery feels the strain a little bit more, but is the strain just normal cold weather pains or is your battery about to give up the ghost? Is your battery ready for the winter?

But fear not, here’s our tips to help you stay on the right side of winter battery pains.


Battery Terminals

As you look at the top of the battery, you’ll see two stubs, these are the battery terminals. The first thing to check is that the wires leading to the terminals are securely attached and not loose. The next thing to check is the condition of them terminals. Battery terminals with time invariably suffer from corrosion so any corrosion can prevent the flow of electricity, which in turn will cause you problems with the smooth running of your engine. In addition, dirt may also have a similar unintended consequence, so make sure the terminals are clean.


Start your engine regularly

Batteries will naturally lose their charge with time, especially if they’re not used. So make sure you regularly start your car and let it run for a little while, ideally with a little drive. As your engine runs, it makes your alternator run which in turn charges your battery and replenishes the lost charge.


Battery age

Like anything, batteries lose their ability to hold and deliver charge the older they get. Car batteries retain their ability for up to ten years, after which point they start to degrade and their ability to hold and retain a charge diminishes. Like everything, some batteries will last longer and other will diminish sooner. Also remember that other components have an impact on your battery.


Starting the car with music

It can be really tempting to get in to your car on a cold morning, turn the lights on, put the radio on, and turn the blowers up to max. The problem is that all this requires power and that power comes from the battery, so the more you use the more strain your battery suffers. So to make sure you’re delivering maximum power to the engine when starting it up, switch off all the ancillary equipment.


Have it checked

The best way to make sure your battery is fighting fit is by having it checked by a mechanic. There are a lot of garages out there that offer free battery checks or even free winter inspections.


Remember, if things are identified, you don’t need to have any work done and your are not obligated to have the work done at the garage that did the check for you, so if all you want is the peace of mind the essentials are running as they should, then these free checks are ideal for this.