01 October, 2018

How to find my tyre pressures?

Have you checked your tyre pressures recently?

One of the most common reasons tyres wear quicker than expected is because the tyres are either under or over inflated. When your tyres are either over or under inflated your limit your tyres grip on the road, meaning there will always be a section of the tyre that isn't in contact with the road. This leads to the section of tyre not in contact with the road keeping all its tread, whilst the section of tyre in contact with the road wears.

This gives you uneven wear and will eventually result in your tyres needing to be changed earlier than expected and ultimately costing you more money.

Need to know what your tyre pressures should be? You can either check your owners manual or alternatively you could visit the Kwik Fit website as they have a section of their website dedicated to telling you exactly what pressures your tyres should be at. The website is https://www.kwik-fit.com/tyres/information/tyre-pressure-search

Remember that as your load changes (i.e. you have three people in the car or you have one person in the car) your tyres pressures will need to be adjusted to.