15 July, 2019

How often should you be checking your tyres?

How often should your tyres be replaced? Most people would say that you need to replace your tyres when they reach 1.6mm of tread or they are damaged.


These are really good reasons to change your tyres, but there is one more common but overlooked reason. Most car owners either see cracking on their tyres and either don't recognise its significance or simply think it's a normal part of tyre wear.



Most tyre manufacturers will recommend that you should replace your tyres every 5 - 10 years, even if the tyre has ample tread and is free of any damage. So why? Some of the products manufacturers use to produce tyres are susceptible to ultra violet rays, or UV rays, from the sun. This means that the longer the tyres spend in the sun, the more damage is being done to the structure of the tyre.


After around 5 - 10 years worth of exposure to the sun, the tyre starts to degrade or breakdown and cracks start to appear, in particular around the edge of the tyre on the tyre wall, but also in between the tread of the tyre (the section that makes contact with the road). 


To begin with, the cracks are tiny but with time they will get bigger and eventually the cracks will damage the fundamental structure of the tyre leaving it more prone to failing. Failure can be anything from puncturing or at its worst, a tyre blowing out. 


So if your tyre is reaching that 5 year old mark, there's no need to go out and immediately replace all the tyres, but you do need to check your tyres with a little more care, just to try and spot any cracks before they become dangerous.


Don't know how old your tyres are? We have a blog post showing you how to find out how old your tyres are.