09 July, 2019

Find out how to check the age of your tyres

Finding out how old your tyre is, is incredibly easy. Most tyres have the word DOT embossed on the tyre wall, or the side of the tyre near the rim of the wheel. Next to the DOT you will see four digits. 

The first two digits relate to the week the tyre was produced and the last two digits relate to the year the tyre was produced. 

In this example, this tyre was produced in week 10 of 2001. Your tyre might also display three digits next to the DOT. This means you have an old tyre and it was made pre-2000 so it might be idea to change it or at least give a thorough check to make sure it’s safe. 

It’s recommended that you change your tyres every 5 years and this is simply because with time your tyre ages and cracks start to appear. This is a sign that the UV from the sun has started to oxidise the rubber and this in turn causes the rubber to dry out and break down. When you’re running tyres with pressures in excess of 30/40 psi, this cracking will eventually lead to a failure of the tyre and it may just blow out when you least want it to. 

(1) - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dotnummer.jpg