17 January, 2019

Engine oil - do we really need to change it?

There seems to be a myth amongst some that the reason we change engine oil is because it breaks down or degrades with time, but I’m afraid it’s just that, a myth. Engine oil doesn’t break down, nor does it degrade.


But if engine oil doesn’t degrade or break down, why do we need to change it? Do we need to change it?


Across the board, all car manufacturers without exception provide a service schedule for their vehicles, all of which include oil filter and engine oil changes.


When our engine oil is brand new and we put it in to the engine for the first time, in addition to the oil we find antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents, demulsifying agents and more. Unlike the engine oil, these added extras are used by the engine for a variety of reasons and with time they’re progressively used up.


In addition to this, with time, the engine oil starts to pick up dirt and waste from your engine and its for these reasons we need to change our engine oil and filter, to make sure the engine has sufficient additives and the oil is clean.


Finally, when we change the oil, we change the filter for the same reason. The filter does exactly what it says on the tin, it filters the oil and in the process removes the dirt and waste but like a bin bag, there is only so much the filter can hold.


So now you know the reasons we need to change the oil and filter.