16 February, 2020

Electric cars threaten to pull the plug on petrol stations

Perched between Norway’s two longest fjords, Bergen might appear an unlikely place to glimpse the possible future of transport. But close to one in five cars in Norway’s second city are now fully electric — the most of any city, anywhere. As Bergen’s residents steer their Nissan Leafs and Teslas down the city’s cobbled streets, they, alongside compatriots across Norway, are also being scrutinised by companies eager to adapt to the era of the electric car. “Over the last year or so there have been more and more visits from other parts of the world,” said Christina Bu, secretary-general of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association. “Companies are coming to Norway to learn.”  Few are looking more closely than the multinationals that run petrol stations, who are grappling with a pressing question: will the electric car mean the end of the road for roadside refuellers?

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