05 December, 2018

Driving in the dark, here's our top tips to help bring you in to the light

The clocks have gone back an hour, the sun isn’t out when we drive to work and it’s more than likely in bed before we start our drive home. But is driving in the dark any harder than driving in the day?


Many of you will know that driving in the dark presents its own unique problems, so here’s our top tips for driving in the dark.



Whilst driving in the dark it makes sense to use our lights, it’s also the law. We would always advise that you drive with your dip beam lights all the time when it’s dark, but if you want to see further ahead you can always use your high beam, just make sure that you turn your high beam off when you see oncoming cars or other scenarios where your lights may dazzle others or send them mixed messages, such as the case with pedestrians.


Clear those windows

There’s nothing worse than a car coming towards you with their lights on, for your view through the windscreen to be impaired, due to dirt or a build up of condensation. Not only is it inconvenient, but its unsafe, so make sure you clean and clear those windows.


Watch out for children and animals

Children and animals are generally two of the most unpredictable users of the roads we know and your job is made harder when its dark because they’re generally less visible than adult pedestrians would be. So as you approach a residential area, you should be thinking “is someone going to jump out from behind that parked car”. We would always recommend taking a little bit of speed off, just to give you that little bit more time to react and stop should something happen.


Watch our for adults…..especially the drunk kind

If you drive through the towns and cities, especially at this time of year, you’ll tend to find more adults that are merry and some who may even be somewhat inebriated. It’s a well known fact, drunk people make disastrous decisions, never more so than when it comes to crossing the road. The alcohol in their body may make them feel like they’re Usain Bolt and can make it to the other side of the road….but they really can’t. Slow down and keep and eye out, if needs be use your high beam if it’s dark.


Don’t stare…..it’s not rude it just won’t do your night vision any good

Staring at lights, especially those of oncoming vehicles, can seriously distract you from driving by being dazzled. If you do become dazzled, fear not, simply slow or if you can’t see anything stop until you regain your vision. Also remember dazzling works both ways, make sure your lights are appropriate to the conditions, so you’re not dazzling others.


Check those lights

Not only should you check that all your lights are working, but you should also check that your headlights are generally aiming towards to the left kerb edge. This is to ensure that as you approach oncoming vehicles, your lights don’t dazzle them.