18 December, 2019

Driver ‘blows up’ his car with too much air freshener

A driver suffered minor injuries but caused major damage to his car after sparking an explosion in his car by igniting air freshener fumes.

Firefighters said the driver sprayed “excessive” amounts of an aerosol air freshener in the car and failed to ventilate the vehicle before lighting a cigarette.

West Fire and Rescue Service said that the spark from the cigarette ignited the fumes from the spray, causing the explosion.

The driver suffered minor burns but the blast was strong enough to blow out all the windows in the Seat Leon and severely buckle several body panels.

The driver was stopped in traffic in Halifax’s Fountain Street at around 3pm on Saturday when the incident happened.

Police said the force of the explosion was enough to shatter the windows of nearby businesses as well.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “The owner fortunately sustained only minor injuries but this could have been worse.

“Please can members of the public be careful and follow guidelines when using air freshener cans.”

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service added: “We don’t always see risk in everyday items but invariably they do exactly what is says on the tin. We have attended incidents of a similar nature before. Always read the labels.”

Source : iNews.co.uk

Link : https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/cars/driver-blows-up-his-car-explosion-with-too-much-air-freshener-1342991