23 November, 2018

Don't service and MOT your vehicle at the same time

If you own a car, do you get your car serviced and MOT’d at the same time? Well, keep reading because we this will change your opinion.

As we know, an MOT is a vehicles yearly safety inspection and it looks at all the safety critical systems on your vehicle to make sure your vehicle is safe. Whilst you may know that, why do garages offer you a discount on your MOT when your car goes in for service? Let us explain. 

When your car goes in for service, the mechanic will change a number of filters and check a number of fluids, but what your mechanic will also do is conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle. So the reason you get a discount off your MOT is because many of the checks needed as part of your service are done as part of your vehicles MOT.

So why would you pay for the same inspection twice?

Cars are increasingly serviced and MOT’d at the same time every year, so that means your car is only seen once a year by a mechanic and a lot can change in 12 months.

This is why we would recommend having your car MOT’d and then six months later, having your car serviced. This way your vehicle is inspected twice a year. Although you may think this is an opportunity for a garage to make money from you, surely it’s better to have your vehicle inspected twice a year?

Regular inspections of your vehicle prevent breakdowns and can also help identify faults early so they can be fixed when they're reasonably priced rather than having to pick up the pieces after a major part failure.