27 November, 2018

Do you need winter tyres? Or would you be better suited to all-round tyres?

With winter approaching, you could be tempted to purchase winter tyres, but do you really need them or would your money be better spent on all-round tyres. But which all-round tyres are best?

WhatCar? Recently tested all-round tyres and the best all-round tyre was a Michelin CrossClimate.

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If you have a tyre size of 205/55 R16, then the cheapest Michelin CrossClimate tyres are priced at £84.85 per tyre, fitted.

Do you need winter tyres or all-round tyres?
When the temprature drops, you will always benefit from having a tyre designed to operate in the colder weather, which both winter and all-round tyres are. The real difference between winter tyres and all-round tyres, in many cases, but not all, can be found in the snow. Most winter tyres are designed for the snow in mind, so they're designed to maximise grip in the snow, where as all-round tyres are designed to grip better in the cold weather, but not necessarily snow.

We say in many cases but not all because there is, like always, an exception and the exception is Michelin. Michelin CrossClimates operate in a variety of weathers and conditions but they're considered to be all-round tyres. Visit the WhatCar? website to see the testing they did.

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