03 January, 2020

Damage free removal of bird poo from your car

MOTORISTS can clean dirt such as bird poo and tree sap from their vehicle in just seconds with homemade car cleaning products made from common household items.

Winter weather will see dirt and mud stick to your car which could even land you in trouble with the law in severe cases. Car windscreens need to have clear visibility at all times for safety reasons while number plates must be clear for police detection.

Specialist cleaning products can be expensive and motorists may not have topped up on their favourite products over the busy festive period. 

Motoring specialists LeaseCar.uk also says common household items such as bleach and hard brushes can cause discolouration or scratching to a vehicle and should be swapped for safer homemade methods. 

A spokesperson for the group said: “Washing your car every two to three weeks is recommended to protect your paintwork, but it’s also a matter of hygiene and safety.

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Source : Express.co.uk