21 March, 2020

COVID-19 Free Car Servicing

Whilst we might be in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, keeping your car safe shouldn’t drop down your list of priorities. Having you car serviced or repaired has been made that little bit harder due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), but not impossible.

Garages, including many small and independent garages, are putting extra measures in place to protect you and themselves from COVID-19. By far the most effective means of protecting yourself, your family and the wider community are as follows :

  • Minimise physical contact or being in close proximity with others (including other customers / staff etc).
  • Where possible request garages / mechanics wear gloves whilst in your vehicle and put seat covers whilst in your vehicle
  • Some garages are offering to clean your vehicle thoroughly prior to returning it to you
  • All parts used or replaced on your vehicle are thoroughly cleaned by the garage prior to being fitted and cleaned after fitting (not so much a problem for components you have no access to, but anything in the cabin or under the bonnet would benefit from this)

For further COVID-19 advice, please visit the NHS website :