10 January, 2020

Connected cars are 'moving targets' for hackers

As cars evolve into rolling mobile computers, the potential for disastrous cyber attacks has become a new road hazard, experts have warned this week at the biggest electronics show of the year.

Israeli cybersecurity firm GuardKnox demonstrated the threat in a driving simulation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week by remotely taking control of a speeding car's steering wheel so the driver had no command over the direction the vehicle was travelling.

They warned that opportunities for attacks are being revved up by the introduction of self-driving tech, electric cars communicating in real-time with the cloud, smart city infrastructures, and one another - turning the next generation of vehicles into 'moving targets' for hackers.

Moments into the live demonstration at CES, a GuardKnox engineer playing the role of hacker struck and the steering wheel no longer controlled the car.

The faux race was over for the driver, stuck on the side of the road in a scenario that cybersecurity specialists say could become very real.

GuardKnox chief executive Moshe Shlisel gave another example of a hacker remotely taking control of a fuel tanker truck, forcing it to crash into a building. 

Concerns are rife in some parts of the industry that the security levels on new car models packed with computer chips, sensors and mobile technology can easily be exploited by hackers who could sabotage systems or commandeer controls.

By the end of the year there's expected to be a quarter of a billion connected cars worldwide, many of which could be susceptible to security and safety threats. 

'It's September 11 on wheels,' Shlisel said in an interview at CES.

Cybersecurity has become as integral to vehicle engineering as crash safety and fuel efficiency, according to Henry Bzeih, a former member of the Council for Automobile Cybersecurity, who spoke at the Las Vegas event.

'Connectivity is the reason why this is happening,' Bzeih said.

'Now, all elements have to be designed with cybersecurity in mind.'

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