16 August, 2019

Car owner felt blamed by car insurer after vehicle stolen

Imagine you've left your vehicle locked and secured on your driveway, but when you come back, your vehicle is gone.

It's a nightmare enough that you've had your vehicle stolen, but now imagine speaking to your insurer and them slashing your no claims discount despite 13 years of incident free driving and delivering you a cheque of just £250 and recording the incident as you being 'at fault'.

Well that's exactly what happened to one motorist who was insured with 'Halifax'.

Despite taking all necessary precautions to prevent the theft of their vehicle, it was stolen after criminals broke the ignition and managed to get the car started. Unfortunately the criminals were never caught and the investigation by the Police is now closed. To make matters worse, the vehicle was located, but was subsequently written off leaving the owner with a cheque that didn't reflect the cost of replacing the vehicle, with a significantly reduced no claims discount having been reduced from 9 to 3 years and no vehicle to drive and no funds with which to purchase a new vehicle.

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Link : https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/aug/01/i-felt-i-was-blamed-by-an-insurer-after-my-car-was-stolen