26 February, 2020

Car buyers urged to be wary of flood-damaged 'bargains'

Motorists are being urged to be wary of the financial and safety risks of buying a flood-damaged car with an apparently great value price.

In the wake of the storms and flooding that have hit the UK in recent weeks, car data and valuation specialist HPI is warning of unscrupulous dealers selling undeclared write-offs and of ignorant private owners selling on cars with hidden flood-related problems.

Many cars damaged in the recent flooding have been written off by insurers either because they are too badly damaged to make safe or because they are deemed uneconomical to repair.

For the latter write-offs - classed as category S or N - it is perfectly legal for professionals to buy, repair and then sell on these models but they must declare that the car has been previously written off.

However, HPI is warning that some dodgy dealers aren’t making this clear.