17 July, 2019

Can you check your car's engine oil? Let us show you how

Oil is an essential to any car engine and without it or the right amount of it, your engine won't last long, but do you know how to check your oil? Let us show you how.


1. Open the bonnet

First of all, make sure your car engine is off and on level ground. Ideally your engine should be warm but not piping hot. If you open the front doors of your car, against the body of the car there will normally be a catch. If you pull that, it should release the bonnet so you can open it. Once you have released the catch, go to the front of the car and reach under the bonnet. There will be a release mechanism under the bonnet within reach where you either pull it or push it up/down. This should then allow you to open the bonnet. If you're struggling, your owners manual will show you exactly how to open the bonnet.


2. Clean the dipstick

The dipstick runs through the engine to the bottom, where the oil is held. The dipstick usually has a yellow handle on top as in the image below. It might be a little stiff to remove, but you should be able to pull it out. Once you have removed it, take a cloth or some strong kitchen roll and wipe the oil off the dipstick. Once you have done this, replace the dipstick making sure you push it back in all the way.

3. Remove the dipstick again

After replacing the dipstick, leave it there for a second or two and remove it again. Once you have removed it, look at the base of the dipstick. There will normally be two identifying marks that will say 'Min' and 'Max'.

(Image sourced from 

https://teon-files.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/slide/image/575981f2c2ae0200030052d8/watermarked_large_00-eol02.jpg20160226-3-73l080.jpg )


4. Check the level

If your oil is between the min and max then your oil is fine. However if your oil is significantly lower than 'Max' make sure you visually check your engine to ensure there is no oil leaking from your engine. If you notice your engine oil is below 'Max' make sure you regularly check your engine oil level to see how quickly it drops. Although it's common for engines to burn small amounts of oil, if you're needing to regularly top up your oil, it's a sign you have a leak somewhere or you may have a problem with your engine.