27 May, 2019

Can we learn something from Norway when it comes to electric cars?

BBC research has suggested that a high proportion of vehicles using the roads in Oslo, Norway are electric. But why are electrics cars so popular and what can we learn from the Norwegians?


Well to start with, governments tax only those cars that are polluting, giving those cleaner vehicles such as the electric cars, a break from tax. But the incentives don’t stop there.


In addition to this, there are significant tax breaks for people purchasing electric vehicles, sometimes meaning that they’re cheaper than their petrol/diesel counterparts.


Not to mention that there are free charging points, free parking and best of all….they get to use bus lanes to get through traffic.


In March 2019, 59% of new cars sold in Norway were electric, an uptake in electric vehicles not seen anywhere else. When comparing this figure to the UK, only 0.9% of new cars were electric.


Watch the video on the BBC website


Link : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/48404351/why-is-norway-the-land-of-electric-cars