16 November, 2018

7 Top Driving Tips For Winter

You’ve checked your car from top to bottom so you know it’s #WinterReady, you know the route you want to go, you know where you’re going, you’re doing it in good time….but are you, the driver, ready for winter?

We’ve put together our top driving tips to help you manage better in the wintery conditions.

  1. The Driver

Don’t underestimate how tiring driving in wintery conditions can be. Not only does your car react differently, but so do you. You concentrate more, you’re look round more, which means more work for your brain and your body. Make sure you’re awake and fully alert, especially on longer journeys. If you are taking a longer journey, make sure you allow for more breaks than usual just in case.

  1. Gentle acceleration and braking

Accelerating and braking all rely on your cars tyres being able to grip the road. In wintery conditions you have less grip so you have to drive to accommodate these new conditions. In order to help you keep grip, make sure you accelerate and brake gently, otherwise you might find yourself heading in the wrong direction.

  1. Stopping distances

“Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule” and that’s absolutely true for a dry road. But on roads that are wet, you can double that and on roads with snow and ice, you need as much as 8 to 10 times more time to stop. So remember to allow for the extra distance needed, not only to bring your vehicle to a stop, but add in some time to allow for the chance your vehicle doesn’t stop as you had planned.

  1. Don’t stop on hills

Need we say any more about this?

  1. Take your time

When there are other vehicles around you, especially in those colder climates, you can sometimes feel forced to go faster or brake a little harder, but remember, take your time. All you want to do is make sure you get to where you are going safely, without endangering yourself or others. Beeping of the horn might bruise the ego, but better a bruised ego than a broken driver and vehicle.

  1. Don’t spin the wheels

Many drivers simply don’t adapt their driving style for the different weather conditions. But failing to adapt your driving style could see you stuck at the worst possible time. Remember that it’s better to be slow and steady, than to try and get there as quickly as possible.

When driving in wintery conditions what you’re looking for is a nice steady drive. The moment you start spinning the wheels and applying more power, is the moment the car starts to dig in to the ground and you start getting stuck or worse, the car throws you off the road. If you feel your wheels starting to spin excessively, cut back on the power and try regain some grip.

  1. Stay at home if you can

We know it’s not always possible because despite the inclement weather, life really does go on. But if you don’t need to make that journey right this instant, then maybe leave it for a day or so.