18 October, 2018

6 Top Car Maintenance Tips

  1. Tyres

You should be checking your tyre pressures and tread depth at least once a month, ideally more often. In addition, make sure you check for cuts, tears and bulges on the inside and outside of the tyre.


  1. Engine Oil

Under your bonnet you will find a dipstick, most have a yellow tip on top. Make sure your engine oil is between the minimum and maximum level on the dipstick. Remember, when checking your oil, make sure your car is on a flat level surface and your engine is lukewarm just so you get an accurate measurement.


  1. Coolant

Check your coolant level. Make sure you only use your manufacturer's approved coolant. As a last resort you can use water, but long-term this may cause damage to your engine.


  1. Screen wash and windscreen wipers

Check your screen wash level and top up where necessary. Remember in colder climates, particularly winter time, ordinary water may freeze in the bottle, so you can purchase screen wash that works in colder climates. Once you’ve topped up your screen wash, use your wipers with some screen wash to make sure the windscreen is clear.


  1. Lights

Go around your car checking the lights. Make sure you add one light at a time. So for example, turn your sidelights on, check them, then add your dip beam, check again, then add indicators whilst the dip beams are on and check again. Whilst checking the lights, you’re also looking for abnormal light patterns (i.e. unusually quick indicator speed etc) as this can indicate a fault with the wiring or a bulb being out somewhere. You may also need a hand from a friend to check your brake lights.


  1. General cars condition

You need to have a look around your car for any sharp points or dangerous objects on your car. If you find anything that is sharp or appears dangerous, then you need to take steps to make that safe.