07 December, 2018

6 Essentials For Any Car Winter Kit

Unlike every other season, winter can be extremely cold with temperatures falling well below freezing. This means that you need to be better prepared in winter for the ‘What if…..?’ and the ‘Just in case….’.


This is why you need to have a winter kit in your vehicle.


Winter kits are available relatively cheaply starting from around £15 upwards, but you don’t have to go out and purchase one, you can easily build your own with items around your house.


So what do you need?


Warm clothing or a blanket

If your car breakdowns down, especially in the cold, you need something to help keep you warm, whether that be some extra warm clothing or a blanket. If you can, you should make sure the clothing or blankets are designed for the colder weather, but anything is better than nothing.


Food and water

In previous winters, it’s not uncommon for drivers to be stuck stranded on motorways for hours, whether that be due to a crash or heavy snow. You need to pack some food and water that will keep throughout the winter. You can buy bottled water relatively cheaply, and food items such as crisps, chocolate bars or something like that should keep.


Hi visibility jacket

Chances are, if you need your winter kit, something has gone wrong and you can bet that it’s gone wrong in the dark, when its cold and wet. A hi-visibility not only gives you an extra layer to help keep the warmth in, but it also helps to make sure that other drivers and pedestrians can see you and ultimately stay out of your way.


Shovel and something to put under the wheels

Sometimes your car can get stuck in the dirt or snow and it’s times like that you need a shovel and something solid to put underneath the wheels. First of all you need to dig out the snow or dirt around the wheel, and then you need something solid that the wheel can drive over that gives it some level of grip.


Torch and batteries

This I hope is obvious, the torch and batteries are just to make it easier to see things when it’s dark.


Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover can seem like an expensive luxury, but when it starts from just £16.50 for the year with the likes of Rescue My Car, can you afford not to have it? Having it means you don’t need to carry jump cables, you don’t need to know how your car works and ultimately if it goes wrong for you, you have someone that will come out and either get you back on the road or at least get you home.