07 February, 2019

#SlowDownMoveOver - Careless driving costs lives, slow down move over

Ok, so it’s not directly tyre related, but its important.


The Slow Down Move Over campaign is designed to maximise the safety of those that work on the roadside, whether they be vehicle recovery operators, breakdown patrols, roadworkers, car owners broken down at the roadside….anyone who works close to moving traffic.


Their message is really simple and one we would reiterate, if you see something in the road, slow down and where you can move over.


There are far too many incidents on the road network involving roadside workers, resulting in serious injuries or in some severe cases death.



Do you want to be the person responsible for a mother, a father, a son, a daughter not going home that night?


The flashing lights can be enticing and will sucker you in, but when one distraction can cost another person their life, can you afford to be distracted?


That’s why we support to #SlowDownMoveOver campaign, to raise awareness and to encourage drivers to follow these simple instructions.


For more information visit : https://www.slowdownmoveover.uk/